Test out van life with The Camper Company

Is the camper life for you? It’s a big decision, and a big investment to buy a campervan or motorhome and we thoroughly encourage you to try it out first. At the Camper Company we give you that opportunity. Some of our vans are available to buy as well as hire, so why not take us on an extended test drive?

Enjoy the freedom of the Manx countryside and have a taste of adventure, visit some remote spots – there are always quiet and isolated places on the Isle of Man to test out your dreams in the comfort of a modern well-equipped Camper.

You might choose a fully serviced campsite or a certified location limited to just 5 vehicles. Just imagine going wherever you like, whenever you like. No border crossings, no packing and unpacking at every stop.

Expect a few teething issues, getting used to how the van works, but it will soon become second nature, and after a few days you’ll have a better feeling for whether this is the life for you. Then talk to us about the options for buying!

Published On: June 22nd, 2021 /