Love the outdoors?

Many people are enjoying the Manx countryside in a new way under the constraints of the borders being closed. We may not welcome restrictions on our freedom, but the joys of the Manx hills and coastline are ready and waiting for us all to make the most of. The air is fresh and spring flowers in abundance, and what better than topping off a gorgeous day out than staying out over night and doing it all again the next day? A staycation right here on the Isle of Man could be just what you were waiting for. But why tie yourself down to a cottage for a whole week when you can enjoy the whole Island?

Hiring a campervan or motorhome can give a wonderful sense of freedom. Follow the sun, or find a sheltered spot, and pop the kettle on and open the doors and take it all in. Our vans are equipped with everything you need for luxurious picnicking and a level of comfort that you’re not going to get in a tent or in your day-car.

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Now, where shall we sleep tonight?!

Published On: April 24th, 2021 /