For us, the word that always comes to the forefront when thinking of travelling in our campervan is “freedom”! Perhaps closely followed by “adventure”. Whilst flying to a warm place and sitting by the pool for a week may suit some, it’s not for us. It helps sometimes to have a destination in mind, or perhaps a handful of “must see” places, but the route most often evolves as we travel, and the best places we see are often the accidental ones. And if the weather turns bad, check the forecasts and change direction, it’s no problem.

Your campervan will make your travels a lot easier, convenient, flexible, and everything from the comfort of your own “home”. So if you tend to be spontaneous, and looking for a little adventure, come and talk to us about the options. You can hire a vehicle and “try before you buy”, or we can convert your van to your own specification.


Published On: June 8th, 2022 /